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So what happens next

April 30th, 2006

(no subject) @ 08:21 pm

today is sunday, only 5 days left till freedom... well atleast a paid freedom...

i'm really excited for summer, I just want to laze about and hang out with people... i might be doing this volunteer position in D.C for a week, where you work with high school students who are interested in careers in politics and history.. cool cool, its paid airfare and hotel.. i just gotta apply and hope that i get it..

i can't believe i'm graduating, i can't believe these 4 years have FLOWN by.. its weird how much has changed in those four years.. that is how it is supposed to be.. change.. but i just think back and wonder about things, everything.. i'm really satisfied with life right now.. but there could have been so many different courses, there still are so many different ways it could go.. i'm so excited to start something new..
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So what happens next