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So what happens next

May 11th, 2006

VerY ExzCIteDD @ 03:15 pm

Alright, so i have a little bit longer than a week till I graduate.. whoo! I'm excited, really excited. I was offered a job for the summer, but I do not really want a job, but this is a TOTAL resume booster and its only monday-friday 9:00-12:30 and I would be making like 5000 for 6 weeks.. dilemnas. i really want a summer, and this would push me down... i need to think..

other than that, next week will be amazing, tons of senior activities.. i'm excited.. i'm also heading up to camp.. ladida!

if anyone has any funky parties planned let me know.. i'm totally up for anything even just driving around aimlessly.

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So what happens next