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So what happens next

May 20th, 2006

cause you don't know me... for i never knew the art of making love.. though my heart aches with love @ 09:10 pm

I love listening to Michael Buble sometimes, especially when I'm in a nostalgic mood.. it's just so smooth, i really enjoy the smoothness, along with other smooth music that speaks to me.. i think i will need to stock up my supply of SmoOoOTh music..

it is saturday nite, and I am about to go to Daisy Dukes and ride the bull. Mike is part of some contest on 95X, so hopefully he wins something fun. Plus I get to ride the bull which is fun... and hang out with Le Moyne people a little bit longer...

Tomorrow is Graduation, it's funny, well its not funny its just fast. I'm excited, i get to wear this crazy hood thing that I have not completely figured out yet... It should be a good time tho, after we're goin to Toyko Seoul.. yum..

i need to go strap on my cowboy boots, belt, and get ready to do some riding = P
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So what happens next